Our Vision

To advance the cause of integrating physical activity into healthcare systems and community life within the Nigerian Territory.

Welcome to EIM

On behalf of the Advisory Board of EIM Nigeria National Centre, and the Executive Director of Nigerian Heart Foundation, Dr Kingsley Akinroye, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the EIM Nigeria! Exercise is Medicine in Nigeria has been formally launched and is domiciled with the Nigerian Heart Foundation. DR FATAI ADENIYI

Our Mission

To have health care providers assess every patient's level of physical activity at every clinic visit

To determine if the patient is meeting National Physical Activity Guidelines.

To provide patients with brief counseling advice to help him/her meet the guidelines; and/or

To refer the patient to either health care or community-based resources for further physical activity counseling and guidance.

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About Us

Exercise is Medicine Nigeria domiciled in the Nigerian Heart Foundation, is an affiliate of the EIM Global Centre with Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. The EIM is an agency of the American College of Sports Medicine and has National Centres in over 40 countries across the globe.


The main goal of EIM is to advance the cause of integrating physical activity into healthcare systems within the Nigerian territory by assisting healthcare providers in assessing physical activity levels, providing brief counselling/and or exercise prescription and referring patients to qualified programmes, place and exercise/allied health professional for further guidance and support.

Our Initiatives are:

A. Increase the number of healthcare professionals who are assessing, prescribing and counseling patients in physical activity in Nigeria.

B. Initiation of exercise referral programmes for health promotion in healthcare settings in Nigeria.


C. Promotion of physical activities in healthcare and other public settings such as university campuses in Nigeria and industrial settings.

D. Entrenchment of exercise counseling programmes in Nigeria.

E. Initiation and coordination of multi-sectoral approach to exercise promoting interventions in Nigeria.

F. Contribute to controlling the burden of Noncommunicable diseases in Nigeria through advocacy, research and community engagement.

G. Encourage and facilitate increase in the number of individuals and the general public in Nigeria meeting physical activity guidelines.

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